The more successful the Сompany is
the more fakes for their products
can be manufactured

Should you think about fighting
against the counterfeit?

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5 reasons to think about counterfeiting:

Dramatic increase in claims from customers for goods or services quality

Competition increase

Statements from partners, distributors and even competitors about counterfeit products

Dramatic sales decline

Decrease in company revenues

How to deal
with counterfeit?

The SION Patent Law Company recommends 10 effective actions to combat counterfeiting

We conduct intellectual property audit, study the customer’s products, develop a protection strategy
We register intellectual property in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
We monitor the market, the Internet, we study the counterfeit distribution geography
We place the intellectual property objects in the customs register
Define the counterfeit products import / export channels
We define and analyze supply channels for equipment, raw materials, packaging materials
We pursue and identify the counterfeit products wholesale and retail sales implementation, the counterfeit products and warehouses work
We analyze counterfeit samples for origin
We prepare materials for applying to customs and law enforcement agencies
We transfer materials to law enforcement agencies and accompany cases in court with the copyright holder’s consent
Let's act

SION’s advantages

More than 13 years of experience. We have detectives, patent attorneys, experts, lawyers in our team

Transparent relationship, monthly report on the results of the work done

Compensation for losses related to intellectual property rights violation

Steady original products sales growth and the Company's reputation enhancement

More than 30 successful cases in the intellectual property rights protection field

We guarantee our customer that all confiscated counterfeit goods are destroyed

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Nataliia Riazanova, Founder of SION Company

Nataliia Riazanova
Founder of SION Company

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