Taxes optimization


Taxes optimization


According to rating agencies, the tax burden in Ukraine averages 41.5%. The financial burden negatively affects entrepreneurs and business – production is reduced and economic growth slows down.

To stay “afloat”, merchants have to look for workarounds in the legislation. Vivid examples are the creation of “one-day firms” and the distortion of information in declarations. The result of such fraud is known – the tax authorities organize an audit, and the entrepreneur is imposed multimillion-dollar fines. But there is another way – tax optimization and planning.


Tax optimization is a tool for increasing the company’s profits. The goal of the activity is not to reduce the tax burden as such, but to increase financial resources, which is achieved by minimizing fines, risks and tax liabilities.

In order to reduce the volume of fiscal obligations, the following actions are taken:

  • search and use of benefits;
  • transition to a favorable taxation regime;
  • control over accounting and tax accounting.

The cornerstone is tax planning. If optimization is an activity to reduce the tax burden, then planning is a specific method of solving a problem.

Planning includes the following activities:

  • identification of risks;
  • problem analysis;
  • choice of legal instruments.

The development of a tax scheme is at the heart of all planning. When developing a strategy, all factors are taken into account, from the depreciation of the means of production and the offset of overpaid insurance premiums to leasing and VAT settlements.

IMPORTANT: Contrary to popular belief, the scheme is not an attempt to evade taxes. It is a legal activity to develop a strategy for the behavior of a firm.


SION experts in the field of optimization work on the basis of the following principles:

  • security. Minimizing risks;
  • legality. Compliance with all legal norms;
  • practicality. Ease of implementation of solutions;
  • justification. The cost of tax optimization should be recouped as it is implemented.

The company must take into account the signs of “black bookkeeping” that tax officials are looking for. Unreasonable chains of economic intermediaries, a dubious share of VAT deductions, salary payments below average – all this increases the risk of a sudden inspection by government agencies.

Competent optimization will help:

  • to make the work of the enterprise transparent for tax authorities;
  • increase business profitability;
  • increase profits;
  • eliminate errors and confusion in tax documents.

Planning will allow not only to develop useful new strategies but also to improve old schemes. If an entrepreneur is stuck in a “fiscal swamp”, then it is recommended to resort to the help of our experts in tax optimization. SION guarantees a long voyage for business. It is enough to call us or visit an office in Kharkiv or Kyiv – we will organize a professional approach to each enterprise.

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