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Patent search

The first step towards registering a technical novelty is a patent search for inventions. This is research that must be done before filing a patent application. It helps to avoid rejections, correctly formulate the wording and arguments in the description. Its other tasks:

  • Studying the state, trends of the industry.
  • Finding competitors.
  • Finding new areas of application development.
  • Making sure that the solution is unique.
  • Establishing patent clearance.
  • Finding potential buyers or licensees.
  • Checking the patent for similarities and analogies.

The last point is important before filing an application with Ukrpatent or the responsible body of another country. If you’re just getting started on a technical innovation, it’s helpful to find out what other inventors have already done and what the market is missing.

SION’s specialists work with the bases of inventions of Ukraine, the USA, EU countries, and many others. We will search for patents information by order:

  • We will find related works and check your solution for patentability if you are preparing for registration.
  • We will identify violations of your legal rights so that you can protect them.
  • We will help you avoid refusal to patent due to lack of novelty.
  • We will establish the possible financial risks associated with the introduction of new products to the market of Ukraine and other countries in connection with a possible violation of patent rights.

Ukraine patent search

The office that deals with the protection of industrial property in our country is Ukrpatent. On its basis, a bank of patents for inventions was formed – the Public Use Patent Documentation Fund. It contains documents from specialized departments of 65 countries and 4 international organizations. It also includes a Ukrainian card index.

Intelligence on the local base of Ukraine is the minimum that can be used. Will take 5-7 business days. It is more optimal to investigate world novelty, especially if patenting is planned, abroad as well. It will take from 10-15 working days and will make it more likely to find a patent for a utility model or invention with similarities, if any.

Ukrainian national registries are quite young due to the fact that our state is only 30 years old. Russia became the legal successor of the USSR; an array of information on patents has been stored in its archives since 1926. You can look for old documentation there. The term of a patent or utility model is 20 and 10 years, respectively, for most countries. There is usually no point in searching deeper. According to some recommendations, the search time interval is 10-15 years.

A negligent attitude towards prospecting among patented technical solutions can lead to significant damage. We will do everything to prevent this from happening.

International patent search

Exclusive rights to an invention are valid only in the country of patenting or in a block of countries united by an agreement. Each state has its own patent database. Before starting the study, you need to decide on which state bases to look at, because there are dozens of them.

For worldwide patent search, we use the PatentScope resource. And besides him:

  • USPTO — register of US patents issued and published;
  • EPO is the same for the European Patent Office;
  • FIPS – a list of Russian inventions;
  • WIPO – World Digital Document Library and others.

We search for patent by name, inventor, applicant, keywords. We take into account the spelling of the latter in different versions. We look through the drawings to find similarities on a given topic. We will help if a client writes a scientific work, develops a draft standard, works on a new technical or design solution. We qualitatively investigate the available online libraries of inventions that are relevant for a particular case.

To study the patents of the world, you need to know the languages, understand the technical part and the intricacies of national protection legislation. Patent attorneys have the appropriate qualifications for this, they constantly work with the bases.

Patent clearance search

Research is different. For example:

  • thematic (patent review by topic);
  • registered (research by the name of the patent holder);
  •  to determine the technical level;
  • for novelty (compliance with patentability);
  •  validity (collecting evidence to invalidate a patent);
  • for status and validity period;
  • for patent purity (product / service or invention);
  • monitoring (regular tracking by inventor or technical field).

A special type of search is for the patent product clearance definition. It helps to understand whether an object or process can be used freely on the market without violating the exclusive rights of a third party. That is, to find out whether a product or service falls under the scope of some patent, whether there will be problems with copyright holders. Search procedures are carried out separately for each state, taking into account its profile laws, judicial practice and other points. This service allows you to avoid significant financial risks.

The invention patent purity as a whole and of each technical solution (or the most significant ones) is checked. We will conduct research on the object being created to ensure that it is flawless before starting development. And for already created objects / processes, if you need to export them or use them differently.

Patent search cost

The price of work can vary significantly, because each customer has different goals, plans and requirements. The following factors will affect the price:

  • accelerated express search or more detailed;
  • type (for novelty, purity, authorship, validity, etc.);
  • the number of elements of one technical solution that will be checked;
  • work will be carried out with Ukrainian or international platforms.

We have drawn up a regulation for conducting inspections, the SION’s employees are fluent in several languages. We will identify the actual registers for research, study them in detail and provide a report as requested by the client. Our experts can be trusted for their experience with a wide variety of platforms in different languages. If necessary, we involve professionals from the research field of science and technology.

Comparative research on patent databases is one of the most important steps in preparation for patenting an object. For many other cases, the examination of the available information is also important. We know how deep the search must be and when to end it. We will draw up a preliminary estimate for the client, name and justify the search terms.
To calculate the patent search cost, please fill out the feedback form and we will contact you or write to us by mail: info@sion.ua.