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in Ukraine, CIS countries, USA, UK,
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– We work without intermediaries
– We carry out preliminary examinations
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Volumetric and three-dimensional


Depends on several factors such as:

Patent attorney fee;

Official fees of patent offices;

Resident or non-resident of Ukraine;

The terms for registering a trademark depend on the choice of the first country of filing and are: from 4 - 18 months

The number of applicants per application;

Brand type (verbal, combined, etc.)

The number of declared classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services (from 1 to 45 classes);

Choice of color of designation: black and white or color;


Img-01 Determination of the possibility of registering a designation as a trademark.

Before filing an application for registration of a trademark in the patent office, the patent attorney checks the declared designation for similarity and identity with the applications previously registered or filed for registration in homogeneous classes of the Nice Classification to the declared designation. Draws up a report and determines the prospect of registration of the claimed designation.

Img-01 Submission of an application to the Patent Office.

Taking into account the needs of the client's business and the need for urgent registration, we choose the most optimal patent office for the first registration of the designation as a trademark. (For example: in the UK it is absolutely realistic to obtain a trademark certificate in 4 months and then an international certificate in 6 months).

Img-01 Examination of the designation as a trademark by the patent office.

After filing an application and paying the official fees, the designation is sent for a formal examination, during which the correctness of filling out the form is established, the payment of official fees is confirmed and the classes of the Nice Classification are specified. In Ukraine and other CIS countries the examination of applications takes place in two stages and consists of formal and qualification examinations. During the qualification examination, the designation is checked for similarity and identity with previously registered and filed for registration applications in similar classes of the Nice Classification. In countries with formal examination, such as Great Britain, EU countries, USA, after formal examination there is a period of opposition, which lasts from 2-3 months, when anyone who believes that the registered designation as a trademark may violate his right, may submit a corresponding petition to the patent office, in which case, registration is possible only after filing with the patent office the corresponding objections in favor of registration of the designation and full settlement of the controversial situation in the patent office or court.

Img-01 Publication and issuance of a trademark certificate.

In countries with formal examination, the publication of trademark information is entered in the trademark register after formal examination. However, a trademark certificate is issued only after a successful period of opposition. In countries where the examination is carried out in two stages, publication in the register of trademarks and the issuance of a certificate is carried out on the basis of the decision of the qualification examination and after payment of the corresponding fees.

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Nataliia Riazanova is a PhD in Law, a Patent Attorney with over 15 years of experience in intellectual property protection.

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which we registered


We give preliminary recommendations

Before registration, we carry out a search for the similarity and identity of the claimed designation with previously registered and filed for registration trademarks in order to identify risks, prepare a report and a recommendation list, how best to protect the declared designation as a trademark.

We form a complete package of documents

We select the classes of the Nice Classification in which it is planned to use the declared designation, fill out the appropriate forms, pay the fees, submit an application to the patent office according to the wishes of the client.

Full support of the registration process

We fully accompany the registration process of the claimed designation in the patent office. We submit relevant applications for registration, other documents, carry on correspondence, pay official fees on behalf of the applicant, receive a certificate and hand it over to the customer.

We are an independent company

We work without intermediaries directly with patent offices in Ukraine, the CIS, Great Britain, in the countries of the European Union, etc.


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A trademark is a mark for goods and / or services, presented in the form of a designation, according to which the products and offers of some persons differ from those of others.

All designations or combinations of designations may be registered as trademarks. A word, a phrase, numbers, letters, images, color combinations, as well as combinations of all or some of the above designations can be registered as a trademark.

Trademark registration in Ukraine helps business owners to protect themselves from illegal copying. A registered trademark is issued a legal certificate that provides legal protection of the trademark from illegal use. A small investment in TM registration in the future can save your business from many problems. SION Patent Law Company will help you register a trademark and protect your business.

SION specialists:

• advise on any questions on the registration of trademarks;
• help in carrying out preliminary search and analysis in order to identify risks and make recommendations for creating a trademark;
• help to register a trademark in Ukraine, forming the necessary package of documentation and submitting it to the appropriate authorities;
• provide full legal support in the registration and publication process, which accompanies the application for a trademark;
• prepare a reasoned response upon receipt of a preliminary refusal to register;
• represent your interests during legal proceedings.

SION’s patent attorneys are ready to provide detailed advice on registering a trademark and take care of this task.

SION specialists have the opportunity to independently submit national applications for the registration of trademarks in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and the UK without intermediaries. Also, in the future, protection can be extended when filing an international application simultaneously in 122 states of the Madrid Agreement and Protocol.

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