Due diligence


Due diligence

Due diligence

Purpose of Due Diligence of the business

Check the real state of the business, prevent and work out a number of risks that affect financial solvency, profit, internal and external business processes.

Due diligence is required:

  • to assess the effectiveness of specific business processes within the business;
  • before sales, mergers / acquisitions;
  • study of external risks affecting business activities;
  • startups to verify the success of a business idea;
  • startups to assess the objectivity of attracting investments;
  • investors in order to assess the risks of investment projects.

Comprehensive Due diligence of the business is carried out by the specialists of the patent law “Company“ SION ”:

  • patent attorneys
  • lawyers
  • lawyers
  • auditors
  • appraisers
  • financial analysts
  • tax consultants
  • business intelligence
  • psychologist
  • marketers

Stages of Due diligence business:

  1. Determining the purpose of Due diligence
  2. Signing the NDA
  3. Collection of information according to the purpose of the Due diligence
  4. The choice of methods of Due diligence
  5. Due diligence
  6. Preparation of expert opinions and recommendations.

Dates of business Due diligence: depend on the purpose, direction and volume of the business, and can range from several weeks to a year.

How to build cooperation with SION Due diligence specialists:

Due diligence of the business is carried out comprehensively or separately in each of the following areas:

  1. Due diligence of intellectual property

Analysis of intellectual property rights allows you to: determine their effectiveness in business, identify innovations, protection and commercialization of which will allow the business to enter new markets and ensure sustainable growth for the business; draw conclusions regarding a possible violation of intellectual property rights by third parties, identify such violations and / or prevent them; form a powerful intellectual business portfolio that is resistant to various raiding mechanisms.

  1. Financial Due diligence of the business

It analyzes the key indicators of the financial condition of the business, their reliability, market value of the business, the study describes the real prospects of business development and the risks that affect financial stability, business development, solvency and business activity, provides recommendations on the investment attractiveness of the business.

  1. Tax Due diligence

The objective of this area is to analyze all tax reporting and business accounting documents for a specific period of time, as a rule, indicators for the last three years are taken. In the process of conducting research, the real financial indicators of business activity, credit and receivables, their impact on the further development and financial stability of the business, and potential tax risks are identified. As a result of the study, a report is generated with conclusions and recommendations on optimizing the tax burden of the business and minimizing tax risks in the future.

  1. Legal Due diligence

During the process, the legal and legal documents of the business are analyzed, the contracts with contractors are checked for their implementation and legality, legal documents confirming the business ownership of movable and immovable property, tangible and intangible assets of the business are also subject to examination. The court cases of the business are also subject to verification with an assessment of the risks of court decisions already made or handed down in the future and their impact on the sustainability and development of the business. In addition, the risks of bringing to possible responsibility on the part of regulatory and law enforcement agencies are being worked out.

  1. Compliance Due diligence

Assesses the performance of the business unit responsible for identifying and preventing internal risks that may affect the reputation and sustainability of the business in the external environment.

  1. Marketing Due diligence

The influence of external factors on the marketing campaign of a business is evaluated, an analysis of the market situation, business competitiveness is carried out, the marketing strategy of the business and its effectiveness are confirmed, as indicated in the report.

SION Patent&Law Firm has been conducting a comprehensive Due diligence business procedure for 5 years and annually is present at high positions in the ratings of legal and consulting services. The highest value for us is our customers, and we can safely say that 9 out of 10 customers come back for our services.

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