Intellectual property valuation


Intellectual property valuation

One of the main directions in the activities of the SION Company’s intellectual products valuation.

Assessment is conducted in order:

  • the statement on the balance sheet and the allocation of the participant enterprises share capital
  • intellectual product market value determination and the royalties calculation
  • to determine the future profits from the intellectual product’s operation
  • to calculate the damage incurred by intellectual products illegal usage (violation of rights)


The most popular for intellectual product evaluation is a trademark. We apply the appropriate valuation method to a specific brand after agreement on the purpose of the assessment from its owner. Most often it is the brand market value determination.


I want to highlight the assessment of computer programs and applications in the assessment of intellectual products line. Nowadays this question is becoming more and more relevant and certified appraisers, the SION Company already have enough experience in order to carry out a computer developments full assessment for their further implementations. This is especially true for authors’ property rights share calculations.


Before you obtain a patent for an invention, the innovator must carefully assess its novelty and value, and then market value. The main invention value indicator is its implementation economic efficiency.

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