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The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is one of the SION Patent Law Company’s key areas of practice. Our team includes individual patent attorneys who narrowly specialize in the pharmaceutical industry, have more than 12 years of experience and are versed in all aspects of the medical intellectual property protection.

Patent protection in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is extremely important. Only providing a reliable legal protection the significant investment needed to bring medicine to the market and ensure a decent return on these investments can be guaranteed.

The development of new substances in the pharmaceutical industry can be associated with a high degree of risk and cost. A patent attorney specializing in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, accurately understands the implications of these risks and costs for patents receipt process, and also knows how easy it is for competitors to copy a new drug simply after analyzing the pharmaceutical substance. Our experience can be extremely important for ensuring the client’s full control over his intellectual property and rights protection.

Similarly, a patent attorney understands the difference between chemical-pharmaceutical patents and other technical information sources. He will help the customer to make a patent application as wide, safe, and most importantly securely protected as it can be.

Indeed, the patent attorney in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ensures that you do not break existing patents, avoiding time and effort wasting in researching and developing and ensuring your freedom to market new products.


Thanks to extensive academic and industry experience, our pharmaceutical patent attorneys help customers create effective patent portfolios covering the full range of protected developments in this field including:

  • chemicals and their compositions
  • medical formulas
  • medicine production methods
  • medicine use methods
  • whether you work in small or medium-sized businesses, start-ups or large pharmaceutical companies, you can get the most effective protection from EXIP experts. Our profound knowledge of legislation and procedures in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the European Patent Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization allows us to create effective protection for customers abroad. For customers from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, we adapt our approach to the current rules in different countries.

We have the protection strategy that is as close to customer’s products and needs as possible, tied to the business objectives and increases the intellectual property value.

Our specialists make risk assessments with respect to competitors’ patents and, where appropriate, take active steps to cancel and eliminate those patents that impede our customers’ activities.

Farther, our lawyers help to obtain permits (certificates) from the executive healthcare authority to introduce medical products into Ukrainian, Russian and British markets.

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