The SION Patent Law Company has the Business and intellectual property program that is designed for those who wish:

  • to implement the results of intellectual work in life
  • to improve your business by integrating the latest science and technology achievements
  • to attract investment to your project
  • to create competitive products and services
  • to profit from the intellectual property work

The main task is to provide knowledge on evaluation criteria for the success of innovations, the market value of inventions, the expansion of knowledge in the protection field, management and protection of intellectual property, identifying potentially successful innovations and their authors.

One of the most important components, of course, is the evaluating the innovations success method criteria and further development of the intellectual portfolio.

This course is provided in two studying formats:

  • remote one — with Business and intellectual property British MBA diploma
  • modular one — with obtaining British certificate of professional development

Regardless of the training form choice, upon course completion, the student prepares a thesis project, which later will be the step by step instruction on implementation in the industrial (commercial) turnover of innovative product. Protection project carried out by the Commission composed of the Tutors of the training course that are also personal Tutors and students in the process of thesis preparation.

The course tutors are practitioners in the field of intellectual property protection, intellectual property (economy) assessment, intellectual property management.

Also in the training process includes master classes with business trainers, leaders of Ukrainian and foreign market innovations, MBA.

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