Fake perfume


Fake perfume

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Fake perfume

One of the most common fraud areas is perfume manufacture. Unfortunately, more often there are facts of famous brands perfumes counterfeit. Let’s look at how manufacturers and buyers can deal with it!

Fake perfume is very common. Counterfeiters have learned to create copies, and distinguishing them from the original sometimes can be hard even for a professional. Identifying counterfeit in other areas is quite easy but with perfumes it can be more complicated. The bottle and packaging can be easily counterfeited, and the flavor can be authentically recreated, but the resistance will be low and the unsafe substances will be used (such as toxins, allergens, etc.)

The fight against counterfeit perfumery products belongs to the producers and partly to the customs services. Each buyer who prefers to save and buy fake perfume has to remember that he is personally responsible for this purchase and his health.


Carefully compare the bottles. Go to the official perfume company website and see how the original bottle and packaging looks. Compare this with the one that you are going to purchase. Pay attention not only to its design but also to its volume, very often the counterfeiters do not take into account this factor.

The original perfume box is usually packed in cellophane. Please note that there are no traces of glue. Global brands usually male sure that their products look good and seal packaging using the cellophane heating method.

The devil, as you know, is in the detail. So be careful: check whether the party serial number, applied (not glued!) on the bottle corresponds to the one on the box. Consider printing on the packaging. For example, very often the fake ecological icon (the arrows forming a circle) is blurry due to the cheap printing.

Pay special attention to the materials quality! Counterfeiters save on everything that’s why the glass bottle and plastic caps quality is usually much worse than the original one.

And, of course, buy in trusted stores, better offline ones.

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