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Many companies do not expect fakes and do not consider it as a serious threat to their business, but it’s better to protect their rights in advance. SION provides the following combating forgery/counterfeiting methods:


We can monitor and detect pirates’ websites on the Internet. Next, using legal tools, our lawyers are closing the pirates’ websites, and they cover damages related to the client’s rights violation.


SION Lawyers with the purpose of counterfeit goods importation/exportation prevention on the territory of Ukraine, the UK, the EU countries, the CIS countries add clients’ intellectual property in customs’ registers.

On the basis of entries in the registry, the inspectors of the customs authorities regularly seize suspect goods and notify us to protect our clients’ rights and to obtain a judgment for damages compensation from violators and the counterfeit/infringing goods destruction. We assure our customers that all confiscated counterfeit and infringing goods are destroyed.


Our company’s detectives engaged in discovering, collecting information about the counterfeits producers in the territory of countries where the factories, plants and production facilities location for the manufacture or bottling of fake and counterfeit products is possible. Next, the obtained information about the client’s rights violation is passed to the lawyers for legal action and client’s rights protection.


SION Lawyers advise, represent and protect clients’ interests and rights in the field of intellectual property, including litigation, indemnification, and compliance with the requirements of the Law to the violator in a country where rights are violated.

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