What are the advantages of a startup for an accelerator?


What are the advantages of a startup for an accelerator?

The task of the accelerator is to carry out high-quality preparation of the investment project in order to speed up the process of finding an investor as much as possible.

For this, the startup is invited to go through the so-called acceleration program, in which the novice entrepreneur has the opportunity to create or test a business model.

As part of the accelerator, there is also the opportunity to receive mentoring support from program managers, who are already experienced businessmen and investors.

What is the British venture accelerator EX1P:

Business Attraction Center

Angels and private investors

Initial mini-investing

Expert project support


The EX1P accelerator assists startup projects that have been trained in the following areas:

Economics, finance, business planning

Leadership Team Building

Personal growth motivation

Intellectual Property Protection

Legal support


Achievements EX1P for 3 years:

400 startup examinations

3 implemented training programs

9 seed investment projects

17 portfolio management business angels, private investors

83 mentoring projects

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